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INTERSTONE® is a company with several years of experience and an established market position. It was established in 2000 by two partners – Tadeusz Wysocki and Wiesław Sordyl. Prior to the development of the business in Poland, the founders of INTERSTONE® had lived in Italy for many years. This is where they had developed their passion for the natural stone. They learned about the specifics of this precious product, its diversity and its best kinds from up close. This was the place where they learned the principles of stone trading, including its import to Poland. After years spent in Italy and in the context of the changing nature of the native market, they decided to return to Poland. The key decision they made was about investing in their own stone warehouse and maintaining the stock in Poland. Thanks to that, they could begin a fast and efficient service for the growing group of the Polish clients. The next mile stone in the development of INTERSTONE®, achieved a few years after launching the warehouse, was the initiation of the direct import of the stone from the country of origin. This actually opened the doors to the new possibilities for the company and had resulted in introducing many new stones to the company offer. Shortly after that, the offer was extended by the quartz composites. INTERSTONE® became the exclusive distributor of the Silestone brand in Poland. This product turned out to be a great success. It was received by the architects, the business partners and the individual clients with great enthusiasm. This instilled the faith in the owners of INTERSTONE® in the products other than the natural stone. It turned out that the technological development also within the masonry industry was so advanced that entirely new products with the parameters often better than the ones possessed by the natural stone were produced.

The biggest discovery as well as the biggest sales success of INTERSTONE® within the recent years have been the LAMINAM quartz sinters. The company had noticed them in 2012 when they were still not recognized in Poland. After 2 years of intensive works and education, there aren’t many people in Poland or the neighboring countries (for which INTERSTONE® is the exclusive distributor, such as the Baltic countries or Ukraine), professionally connected with the stone and the interior design industries, who would not know what quartz sinters are. Currently, LAMINAM constitutes 40% of sales conducted by the company, and the potential of this product is still far from being exhausted. At the same time, INTERSTONE® keeps investing in the development of the natural stone offer which remains to be the most important and most prestige product in the company portfolio.

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INTERSTONE® is currently the leading importer and distributor of the natural stone in Poland. The company is conducting business throughout the entire country. Its headquarters is located in Andrychów and its 4 warehouses are located in Adamowice k. Mszczonowa, Chrzanów, Poznań and Wrocław.

40 000 000

estimated annual sales value of the company

150 000

estimated m2 amount of the stone sold annually by the company


estimated amount of the product types which are included in the company’s offer


number of the countries the company imports the stones from. They include inter alia Brazil, China, India, Turkey, Iran, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Egypt.


number of the brands the company is the exclusive distributor of in the Polish market (those include Laminam, Quarella, Interspiek, Silestone)


granite, quartzite, basalt, porphyry, travertine, onyx, limestone, sandstone, shale.


Laminam, Quarella, Interspiek, Silestone


Interstone Sp.z o.o. as a rapidly growing company will enlarge the circle of its employees.


  • to become one of us and work in a nice team,
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  • find offers in our position right for you and send us your CV.

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We are also looking people running their own business and have contacts in the construction industry, real estate development or paving. We are interested in cooperation in terms of customer acquisition. We offer a cooperation agreement and high commissions.

Adamowice, ul. Styropianowa 2
96-320 Mszczonów

tel. +48 46 857 24 47
e-mail: interstone@interstone.pl

The company INTERSTONE ® was founded in 2000 as a limited liability company. The company headquarters is located in Andrychowie przy ul. Słowackiego 4c/14, while storage of materials - in Adamowicach przy ul. Styropianowej 2, 48 km from Warsaw.