Before we determine the rules and the methods of caring for the natural stone, it is important to identify its biggest “enemies”.

The first one is weathering. It is a natural process of breaking down of rocks in the result of insolation, daily changes in temperature, water freezing within the cracks in rocks, and the works of living organisms.

The second harmful to the natural stone process is erosion. It is the direct effect of the polluted atmosphere as the active, inorganic compounds, including gases or acid rain, react with the rocks as well as the changes in rocks caused by microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae and lichens. Erosion affects the technical parameters of stone as well as its appearance causing discoloration, gypsum efflorescence, patina, and in extreme cases, the gradual breaking down of stone.

The third group of risk is caused by the direct human activity leading to the possible mechanical as well as chemical damages.

The extent to which the stone is resistant to these external factors depends largely on its parameters, particularly its hardness, porosity and water absorption. Regardless of the indicated risks, the natural stone is one of the most durable and resistant to damage materials used in building and interior design. In order to be able to appreciate the beauty of the stone for many years to come, all we need to do is apply simple caring procedures and acquire a basic knowledge of the possessed stone.


The everyday care can be done with natural methods with the use of water or water with some detergent.

A soft cloth, such as microfiber, cotton or paper towel is needed to clean stone.

There is a large selection of chemical products in the market designated for the special care of stone which can be used for washing, polishing, protecting against scratches, removing residues, and creating anti-slip films, etc. Prior to applying those products, it is worth testing them on a stone sample, because certain negative consequences may not be reversible.

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